Sounds of Summer

My favorite thing about the warm weather is being able to enjoy nature's gifts.
I love the flowers and trees, the squirrels running to and fro,the blue summer skies.
I especially enjoy the sounds of summer. Every morning when I get off my bus I have a hill to climb
to get to work. When I reach the top, I sit for a rest and listen to the caws of the crows and the song of the birds. There have been lots of cicadas around this summer.I love to hear their spirited singing.
The sound they make is beautiful and exotic.
At night I enjoy sitting outdoors. When the sun has set and the noise of the day is done the crickets come out to serenade is with the sweet sound of their chirping.
I find these sounds oddly comforting. They bring memories of sweet childhood summers.
Summer is soon coming to an end but I will relish the summer sights and sounds as long as possible.
What do you like best about Summer?

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