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Thoughts for Thursday :"If you fail to plan,you plan to fail!"Long post!

On Thursdays I like to analyze the happenings of the week past.I make myself sit still and think and allow myself to feel. I ask myself "What are you feeling?" , "Why are you feeling this way?" If  something isn't working or I am feeling confused or upset  then I ask myself..."What are you going to do about it?" I  post quotes and images related to those questions and the answer...about what I'm going to do to work the feelings or problem out.That being said... This past week I've felt a bit frustrated. Perhaps I've been confused and feeling sorry for myself as well. As I posted previously I have been a diabetic for the better part of 18 years. Throughout the years I went through many phases.I was in denial in the beginning, then I shifted that attitude and educated myself as much as possible regarding diabetes and the consequences of not keeping it under control.I have done well controlling my glucose levels at times ,but mostly I've done…

Walking on Sunshine with "Ramona & Beezus" this Musical Monday!

It was a busy weekend...but not  spent at home! I let the house work go and decided to relax this weekend!On Saturday we bowled as you can tell from my previous post.Sunday was movie day ! We went to see "Ramona & Beezus" What a sweet movie!We enjoyed it so much.It made me laugh,it made me made me feel HOPE. I love the soundtrack! This  has always been a feel good song for me:

This one is part of the soundtrack as well

Lots of good music  in the movie!
This is a preview of Selena's new song which is also part of the soundtrack:
Loved the movie.The girls worked wonderfully together! Kylie is crazy about Selena Gomez and to be honest ,I like her a lot as well!Good luck to both talented young acresses! This is Musical Monday brought to you by Amanda @ Join in on this meme and share with us...what is MOVING you this week! Happy Monday!

About my blog...why do I do it??

When I decided to start a blog of my own I didn't exactly know what I'd post on it. Would it be a craft blog? Family blog?Recipe?Music? Books? Then I just got to posting .I joined some meme's , posted photos of my crafts and family.I posted thoughs and quotes.So it's been very random  it's become a blog about all those things that make up my peaceful and chaotic life and I'm very happy with that .I had contemplated making a blog for my crafts only but then decided I'd like to do it all in one place  and here it is. In the beginning  I worried that it would not be good enough ,creative enough or pretty enough.I felt bad about not posting everyday.But then I realized , blogging is not about posting everyday or having the prettiest posts. It's about posting when I have something to share ,to say or show... When the inspiration strikesme. It's for express myself. It's something to look back on in a couple of years and chuckle about.Something t…

Needle punch and a yummy grape smoothie

I learned a new craft today!Punch Needle Embroidery.I actually picked this up to teach Kylie. It's fun and pretty easy.She still has to get the hang of it but I think she'll like it! I'll post the finished project as soon as we get it done!
Recently I signed up for Frederic Patenaudes mentor program and as a bonus I received a bunch of cool smoothie recipe cards in the mail.I made this one today and let me just say was yummy~licious! Kylie liked it! It's made from green seedless grapes and I added a bit of spring water and 2 ice cubes.That's all! I love that Kylie is trying all these great smoothies! Better than any processed juice out there! that's all for now!Til tomorrow!

Musical Monday...This is my life!


Shirley Bassey lyrics - This Is My Life lyrics

Happy Musical Monday everyone! Join in the fun! MM is currently being hosted by Amanda over at :

Thoughts For Thursday...

Knowing is not enough; we must apply.
Willing is not enough; we must do.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Today is the 15th day of a Raw Food Cleanse I started on July 1st. I am very proud that I have been able to stick to it .My blood glucose has improved so much in just 15 days!I am seeing numbers ranging from 70 mg/dl to 120 mg/dl in the mornings!That is like a miracle for me! I was waking up to numbers close to 300 mg/dl in spite of 40 units of insulin and 3 pills!In the past 15 days I have been told to reduce my insulin  to half the amount and if my glucose levels continue to stay normal  I may get off the insulin altogether! I had to start taking insulin this past May because of my uncontrolled diabetes.I had been feeling very sick & tired.It's been 18  years living with this disease.I have tried different diets and programs ...and given up. Nothing much seems to work. I had been eating raw several years ago.I felt great, lost weight and had my sugars in control--but little by li…

Cards made for swaps via

This is a Geisha "skinny" I made for a recent swap. An ATC with Frida Kahlo as  the theme. I love Frida! Butterfly themed skinny Friendship ATC Quote ATC Hand made postcard I'll be sharing more of my cards in the days to come!

Ruby Tuesday

It's been a while since I participated in this meme!My daughter and I enjoyed a couple of hours at the book store this past weekend and we saw red everywhere!This is just a few shots!

A few other things along the way...

....and one of  Kylie's balloon people!
Ruby Tuesday is fun!Join in over at:

Ruby Tuesday!

Thoughts for Thursday


Musical Monday

This is a song that strongly resonates with me at this point in my life....
I've never been more serious than I am right now about taking the steps  need to take to make much needed changes in my life. I'm starting with my health.I must take control of the diabetes before it takes complete control over me. As I watched my young Aunt lying in her casket I promised that I would not allow diabetes to kill ME. I made this promise to her and to myself. I can only take one challenge at a time but I know as I begin to feel better physically I will feel better on a whole.I will feel like I can "breakaway" from old patterns & negativity.I CAN make my dreams come true.It's never too late...but I have to keep myself ALIVE.
I just have to believe in myself.
I'll do what it takes til' I touch the sky
And I'll make a wish
Take a chance
Make a change
And breakaway....

Musical Monday being hosted by Amanda @
I'll spr…