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Musical Monday: All you need is LOVE

I LOVE this! This is what's moving me today!

Musical Monday is hosted by Diane over @  Check it out!You won't be sorry!

Musical Monday: Be Ok

I’m finally participating in Musical Monday  again after what seems like forever. It has not been that long really. I just have been feeling very uninspired lately, thus no blog entries!
This song by Ingrid Michaelson without doubt represents my feelings for the past year. My depression has been getting worse over the last few months and I hate to feel this way. I truly just want to be okay!
I really do. Being depressed is a drag .It makes me feel so negative , hopeless and guilty. It’s all such a waste of time. I realize all this and yet I can’t shake it. I’ve tried all the meds. None of them seem to work really. Maybe I need something other than meds…Yes, probably. I keep searching for the answers and I keep reminding myself  to be mindful of my blessings and the fact that you can’t change the past and it’s a must to keep moving forward. Some days though it’s so hard to stay positive. But I will keep trying and hope that “I will be ok”. I have to be for the sake of my family. Meanwhile …

Wordless Wednesday:My Mad Hatter!

My beautiful MAD HATTER!

Thoughts for Thursday:In my humble opinion

It's been a couple of weeks since my last post. It's not that here haven't been a hundred things to write  about or photos to post or art to share.It's mostly how I've been feeling.Sort of sick .But that wasn't it.I guess it was lack of inspiration? Perhaps.I also was not able to get online for 4 days because we had no power due to the big snow storm.It really was a big storm.I think we got more than a foot of snow!The kids had no school and we had no work.We were all in the house-together ,with no t.v. ,no,computers,no ipods or radios!
I for one thought it was great!!We actually sat in a room all together and played games!We ate by candle light and joked and ...gasp! TALKED!

Yes it was freezing and I couldn't cook because the stove is electric,but it was bearable. Besides,with all the tragedy there is in the world, and the hardships people endure all the time,why should I complain about a few days of discomfort??Look at what happened in Chile.The…