Thoughts for Thursday:In my humble opinion

It's been a couple of weeks since my last post. It's not that here haven't been a hundred things to write  about or photos to post or art to share.It's mostly how I've been feeling.Sort of sick .But that wasn't it.I guess it was lack of inspiration? Perhaps.I also was not able to get online for 4 days because we had no power due to the big snow storm.It really was a big storm.I think we got more than a foot of snow!The kids had no school and we had no work.We were all in the house-together ,with no t.v. ,no,computers,no ipods or radios!
I for one thought it was great!!We actually sat in a room all together and played games!We ate by candle light and joked and ...gasp! TALKED!

Yes it was freezing and I couldn't cook because the stove is electric,but it was bearable. Besides,with all the tragedy there is in the world, and the hardships people endure all the time,why should I complain about a few days of discomfort??Look at what happened in Chile.They will have it very rough for a long time.What we were going through was like a mini vacation.Besides I think sometimes it's good to go through things like this,because it humbles us. Reminds us not to take things for granted! That hot,running water for your showers,the ability to make a pot of coffee.Flipping a switch on and off for so many ,many conveniences! My but we are a spoiled society.Wanting instant gratification for everything.Once something becomes an effort ,well it's just too much and we whine!That's al I heard from people after the storm..."oh, it was horrible! Couldn't shower.Was freezing!"Oh so bored....""Icouldn't take it".Whine,whine,whine. Are we useless wiith out our mighty gadgets? can't we figure out other ways o spend our time?
Believe me,I'm not trying to be judgemental.But it's just that I think we should look for a good side to everything. Appreciate what we usually have and realize that many,many people live in really bad conditions all the time! They live with it,make adjustments and become mighty creative in order to get needs met. So why can't we survive a power outtage for a couple of days??I'm not talking about the elderly that are all alone,or sick people that need certain machines to breathe ,etc.No.I'm talking about the rest of us.
Funny thing...we were out and stopped to get gas.The local news was at the gas station talking to people.They approached my husband and he happily agreed to speak with them.Then they came to my side ansd asked if I wanted to speak.I said yes but not on camera.The reporter agreed,but after a few seconds of listening to me she asked me to let them record me and I reluctantly agreed.She asked me how we were coping with the power outtage and I said we were managing well.She said,It's been very cold,how are you handling that.My response : We just cuddle together under a pile of blankets.Keep eachother warm.Simple as that!I also mentioned that this too shall pass and things would be back to normal soon ,unlike the tragedy in Haiti and Chile.They edited that part I was told by friends who saw the piece.We never got to see it.We had no power so we were busy playing games and enjoying each other....
We got our power back on Sunday night and everything is back to normal...
Everyone is either watching a show,playing a game,listening to music,on the our own little worlds.Sigh...I liked those few days without those electronics and just our creativity to keep is busy. Now I just have to be creative about getting everyone to spend more time together,not because they have to but because they want to because it's NICE!

Anyway I will admit  did miss my computer & blogging and I'm glad I decided to write tonight!I've missed reading some of the fabulous blogs I follow.Perhaps that is all I need to do to get back my inspiration!!
Yes.Perhaps it is!

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