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Sky Watch Friday & more

I am always taking photos of things when I'm out and about.For some reason I am drawn to lookin up at the sky and shooting or night.
I am also partial to taking photos of trees and flowers.Go figure!I suppose it's my love of nature.=) I've tons more.Guess that's a share for another night!

Thoughts for Thursday :Don't Quit

Message to self: DON'T QUIT!

Just had to post this today.It's been a hard week and when I have been feeling as depressed as I have lately I just feel like throwing in the towel.I have to step back and remind myself of all my blessings and all the reasons not to quit.I've read this poem many times in the past and wanted to share it here on this blog. I find music, poetry and quotes often help me express what I'm feeling when I can't find the words . I decided to post inspiration videos like this one once a week. thank you and have a blessed night!

My stamps & more

I have gottten  new stamps over the last couple weeks to add to my collection. I have not done stamping too much,but i'd like to use it more in my card making and journaling. I have been using it a bit more lately.I hope to learn more techniques like using embossing powder with the stamps. I used my dream stamp:
on this "pick a word" ATC for a swap-bot swap.

and this postcard via swap-bot as well:

This is another post card made for a swap.I really like this one! I hope the recepients will like them!


I planned on posting some pictures of my skinnies tonight and find that I can't upload them from my computer now? Where did the browse button go???

Do it now!

I work at a doctor's office as a medical assistant .I have dicovered that I truly enjoy the company of our elderly patients.I love to hear their stories and the wisdom they impart. This Saturday I visited with one of the ladies,an amazing 89 year old. She was so just as happy to have company as I was to visit. We seemed to have lots to talk about .We had tears and many laughs! She shared with me how much she misses her husband.He died in 1987 a month after she retired. They had lots of plans.They wanted to do so many things  together.They were going to travel.But it never happened because he passed away.She looked at me through teary eyes and said, "Don't wait to do the things you want to do.Do it now ,cause you won't be young forever!". She said if only she could relive the moments with him.If she could do it over she would've retired earlier."To hell with everything else.Time can't be turned back. When you're young you make so many plans for the …

Thoughts for Thursday

“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.”

Quote by:Mary Lou Cook
There was a time ,not long ago when I had stopped making ATC's or doing any kind of art for fear that it wasn't good enough or not as nice as other people's.
I was miserable!I learned to let go of that way of thinking when it comes to my art.I just love creating way too much to let fear or criticism get in the way.I am my own worst critic!I know I've got a lot to learn and all kinds of things to explore and dabble in.So what if it isn't perfect, so what if I have tons more passion than talent???I had to tell my self "That's okay"!
Crafting is very therapeutic for me.It's the only time I feel relaxed and able to let go of the day to day worries!
I love doing many things.I like paper crafts,beading, cross stitching,drawing,painting,photography... and the list goes on.Perhaps that is why it takes me so long to &qu…

A few ATC's made for swap-bot

I'm back!Wow!Three days (almost ) in a row !That's good!Some days I have it in my head just how much I'd like to blog and then I get busy and put it off until it's too late or I've lost the inspiration.I am the world's biggest procrastinator! But I did say I would post a few more cards and even though I just want to go to bed and pull my blankies over my head .Well a promise is a promise  and I keep my promises, even if nobody truly reads my blog LOL. I figure it'll be here forever if my kids ever want something to giggle at when I'm no longer around.(Ooops.I do sometimes have  morbid thoughts!)lol! On to the  the cards : I love making and swapping all kinds of cards.I started out with ATC's and even though I've gotten into skinnies and postcards I will always swap ATC's! This is a Love  quotes themed ATC I made using the lyrics Of "Perhaps Love "By John Denver,my partners favorite song
I used micro beads on these.They looked very prett…

Musical Monday: I hope you dance...and wear sunscreen!

It's dedication time on this Musical Monday hosted by Diane and I have chosen these beautiful and inspirational songs by Leann Womack & Baz Luhrman to dedicate to my daughters Tiffany , Ashley and Kylie.It's everything I  would want to say to them and to all the young people living in this crazy world in these crazy times!!=)

Swap-bot swaps:postcards

I love participating in swaps over @!
A few months ago I discovered skinnies.Skinnies  are like ATC'S only bigger at 3" by 5".  I like the larger surface to work on..skinnies are my favorites at the moment and I have been joining in as many swaps as I can work in!I  have also joined in hand made postcard swaps.I like hand made better than store bought.It's cool to see what people create & how thay go through the mail and so many different people get to see the art! Here are some post cards I made recently for a 5 hand made postcard swap:
Here's a close up of these :
I laminated them with packing tape.I need to find a better way though.Tape can get wrinkled and make the work look sloppy.if you  have any advice for me on this just leave me a comment or email me ! Thse post cards I made for a purple post card swap:
They were very pretty, although I feel my camera sucks and does them no justice!Anyhow...I put them in a library book to flatten them out and …

Musical Monday: Stuck in my head!!!!

I usually don't post more than one song but I had to do it this week.These definitely always got stuck in my head.I'd walk around humming a bbadi abbada and doot doot too dooo too dooo  all day!

Musical Monday is the highlight of the beginning of my week!Don't miss the fun ~Join  in!

Thoughts for Thursday:Fully Live

"I will not die an unlived life. I will not live in fear of falling or catching fire. I choose to inhabit my days, to allow my living to open me, to make me less afraid, more accessible, to loosen my heart until it becomes a wing, a torch, a promise. I choose to risk my significance; to live so that which comes to me as seed goes to the next as blossom and that which comes to me as blossom, goes on as fruit."
~Dawna Markova

Musical Monday:Just For Today

This song really resonates with me.I need to live the moment and not worry so much about tomorrow or what might be.Just live FOR TODAY...tomorrow may not come so why worry?=)
Hope you like this song!

Join Musical Monday hosted by Diane @ for more spiritual music this week!

Facebook & Friday's Funnies on Saturday

Every day I want to blog and everyday I run out of time!By the time I am free I'm tired and it's too late.I also have to cut down on time on facebook and playing those FaceBook games.I have been way too concerned about harvesting my crops on: 

and making sure my food doesn't spoil on:

Geez,the amount of time I've been spending on all the games was getting ridiculous!I don't know how peoplekeep up with it!I can't,so I am only really playing three of them regularly.It's fun but I sort of feel it's a bit of a waste of time.I could be blogging or reading the blogs I follow.Hmm I have to manage my time better!I will play the games but not on a daily basis like I used to.That is one way of freeing up some time.Considering I can only be online at night after my daughter is in bed. Anyhow on to the cute ,funny pictures for this week!

Happy Easter to those who celebrate.My family does so I join in the festivities,but my holiday isOstara / Spring Equinox. Have a Happ…