Do it now!

I work at a doctor's office as a medical assistant .I have dicovered that I truly enjoy the company of our elderly patients.I love to hear their stories and the wisdom they impart.
This Saturday I visited with one of the ladies,an amazing 89 year old. She was so just as happy to have company as I was to visit. We seemed to have lots to talk about .We had tears and many laughs!
She shared with me how much she misses her husband.He died in 1987 a month after she retired. They had lots of plans.They wanted to do so many things  together.They were going to travel.But it never happened because he passed away.She looked at me through teary eyes and said, "Don't wait to do the things you want to do.Do it now ,cause you won't be young forever!". She said if only she could relive the moments with him.If she could do it over she would've retired earlier."To hell with everything else.Time can't be turned back. When you're young you make so many plans for the future but when the time comes you find yourself in an old body. A body that can't do half the things it used to do.It betrays you, It sucks getting old!" I've heard these same words so many times from so many of the patients.They laugh as they say ,"Don't get old girlie!". or "These are supposed to be the golden years?"

One thing is for sure,we can't put the breaks on time.So I think I'm going to listen and live as intensely as I can and do as much as I can. As soon as I can!
I hope my friend knows what a difference she's made in my life by giving me the gift of her company and her wisdom!I look forward to many more visits together!

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