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Autumn 2012 Photos

Autumn is my favorite time of year. I love the colors, the crispness in the air, the Halloween and harvest decorations!
I've been snapping tons of photos of my surroundings this Fall.
I'll be posting them here over the next few posts.

Shock my pic

So I discovered a new app for iPhone that I am drooling over!
It's called shock my pic.It makes
photos look like paintings.

Here are some of my photos edited with it!

Happy birthday John!

I was really hoping to be able to make it into Manhattan for John's birthday at Strawberry Fields today!
It would've been awesome,because the past two days at work have been nightmares!
But.. I couldn't go sadly!I have to plan a bit better and go on December 8th!
Anyway John, I was there in spirit!
Yes I was!

Party City

Westchester is so beautiful in all seasons. I love all the trees here! Whenever I am on the bus or in the car
I'm delighted with the view. It never gets old!
Today we went to Party City to look at costumes for Little Miss Kylie. We had a grand time taking pictures for challenges on Instagram. Which I completely addicted to. I am amazed at all the beautiful photos people post.
Anyone who knows ME , knows I am constantly taking pictures. I am learning a lot from Instagramers! I would definitely love to take photography classes and digital media classes! I'm going to have to get more information on that!
I'm posting this from my iPhone and I haven't figured out how to post more than one photo!
Hopefully I can figure it out!