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The Beauty of Spring!

I just love Spring! Everything is blooming & adorning our surroundings so beautifully ! Even these tiny little flowers!

Visit NF BLO-MA for more beautiful flower posts!@ Natures footstep

Mornings with Mary

Great Mother
You who are of me
and around me
Guide me through this day
Teach me the way
Through the darkness
and confusion
Grant to me
Courage, balance, peace
and love for this day
So mote it be!

Art by : Mary Angelico

My seagulls for Camera Critters

I found a nice Saturday meme called Camera Critters,which is all about photos of... You guessed! Animals & critters. I decided to share these photos of seagulls I took down by the Ossining Waterfront last Fall. I was so amazed at how many there were flying around there that day.I'd never seen so many at one time in that particular area. I got many shots of them ,these three are my favorite!

There are lots of great photos shared for this meme.Just go visit:
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Friday Funnies

Yay! It's Friday! The weekend is here and I get to relax! Scratch that!It's time to catch up with all the things I was too tired or too lazy to do during the week.Yes, I suffer from PROCRASTINATION! I admit it! It's always been a struggle .I know it isn't funny.I'm working on it...I promise. I found this on Pinterest and found it so appropriate for me!

I would love some tips on overcoming this problem!If you have any leave a comment! ;-)

Enjoy your Friday!

Mornings With Mary

It's been such a long time since I posted!It's not even that I don't want to,it's more because of time and or lack of inspiration! I truly would like to change that! A lovely lady over at Recuerda Mi Corazon invited me to join in on posting on Monday mornings and share a photo and or inspiration about Our Lady Mary.The invitation came months ago and each Monday I meant to post but never actually got to it,because by the time I had the opportunity to post it was already Monday night! *sigh..But tonight I decided to go ahead and post this photo I took of the Virgin Mary this past Easter,even if it IS after 9:00 p.m.! Most people that know me are aware that I am not religious ,but I am spiritual.I don't exactly view Mary as most people do.But she is MY higher power,a source of comfort & hope for me.So thank you Rebecca for inviting me to join you on Mondays to honor Mary.It means so much to me that you did so,and I promise to post on as many Mondays as I can....e…