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One Shot Wednesday :My "Shadorma"

This is my first time participating in One shot Wednesday hosted by Claudia. I am as shy with my poetry as I am with my art...but I thought,why not?I'm giving it a shot! This is a "Shadorma".A shadorma poem is just a six-line stanza that is ruled by syllables. line 1: 3 syllables line 2: 5 syllables line 3: 3 syllables line 4: 3 syllables line 5: 7 syllables line 6: 5 syllables Here we goooo!

 "Please hear me
There’s so much to say
Shut me out
Turn away
Your eyes close my voice rises
now only silence"

This speaks a lot about my feelings tonight... Thank you for stopping by!

Musical Monday: The Spirit of Christmas Past

The holidays are here!I love everything about the season...especially the music! Enya is one of my favorite artists. Her voice is so soothing !Enjoy!
Hosted by:Amanda AND the new christmas dolly!
What's moving you this week?Come join the fun

Virgin a Day: The Mother is all around me...

Today  is the last day of the "Virgin a Day"  meme. Tonight want to share how Our Lady of Guadalupe  is all around me.Literally!I have her next to my bed.Watching over me as I sleep.
This night light is on my daughter's night table.

A decoration from Central America : My "veladora".  A shopping bag from Mexico: One of my books: A plaque: I found this photo of me from when I visited la Basilica in Mexico City.I was about five years old. Finally here are three of my humble drawings. Like I said  in a prior post I usually don't share my drawings because I am  too embarrassed! But here they are!Again, thanks to Rebecca from  for hosting this meme.I have enjoyed all the wonderful shares .I have awesome ,creative new bloggers to follow.Thank you all!

Virgin aday:A Prayer to Guadalupe

I've missed 2 days of posting for the "Virgin a Day" meme hosted by the wonderful Rebecca . I have been feeling quite under the weather this week.Last night I started feeling worse and now I  guess have a full blown virus. =( Since I've  still had to  go to work through all this, I've been keeping hydrated & medicated. I didn't want to miss today's post so I'm keeping it simple. A Prayer To Guadalupe: We greet thee and adore thee, Oh Guadalupe Heavenly Rose, Mystical Rose, of Tepeyac Hill. May thy fragrance bless our souls, so sweet is thy savor, Most Beauteous Rose. Thine , too , is the power . Give it to us women , who are thy daughters. Blessed art Though through all eternity.
Taken from my book:
"Magic From Mexico" by Mary Devine ,PH.D. Have a blessed night!

Virgin A day & Musical Monday

This Monday with keeping with my Virgen of Guadalupe theme for the Virgin a day meme being hosted by Rebecca over at her "Recuerda mi corazon" blog and "Monday's Music Moves Me!" hosted by  & 

Being hosted by Amanda
 I am happy to share this beautiful song by Molly Chesna with her angelic voice!
Our Mother of Guadalupe By Molly Chesna

Happy Monday!Keep a song in your heart!

Virgin a Day :Folk art collage

Today is my second post on :"Virgin a Day " in honor  of Our lady of Guadalupe. I was browsing around the web and found all sorts of folk art with Guadalupe as the theme.I decided to  make a photo collage of my findings. People are so creative!I am feeling inspired!As a matter of fact I have a pencil drawing I made of La Virgencita.Maybe I'll work up the courage to post it! I'm shy about some of my so called art!lol
I am so enjoying this meme and all the awesome posts thanks to Rebecca  and all the participants
Til tomorrow!.

A virgin a Day: Our Lady of Guadalupe

I found this meme being hosted by Rebecca over at It's called  "A Virgin A Day", celebrating the 12 days in December that lead up to the feast day of Our lady of Guadalupe." I knew the second I saw this I would participate even if I'm a little late.I have always loved Guadalupe. I am Mexican American & was fortunate enough to visit la Basílica of Guadalupe, in Mexico City, where the miraculous image of la Virgen Morena is kept. I grew up Catholic and I was to taught to revere la virgen. As an adult I have come to embrace Goddess spirituality.I see Our lady of Guadalupe as the great Mother Goddess. When I pray she is the image in my mind.  Rebecca describes this meme: "This is not so much about religion, as it is about sharing a common thread. rejoicing in our sameness with light, beauty, inspiration, thoughtful regard. I suspect humor and charm will make strong appearances too. it is about sharing favorite images, art, photographs, stories…