Virgin a Day: The Mother is all around me...

Today  is the last day of the "Virgin a Day"  meme. Tonight want to share how Our Lady of Guadalupe  is all around me.Literally!I have her next to my bed.Watching over me as I sleep.

This night light is on my daughter's night table.

A decoration from Central America :
My "veladora".
 A shopping bag from Mexico:
One of my books:
A plaque:
I found this photo of me from when I visited la Basilica in Mexico City.I was about five years old.
Finally here are three of my humble drawings. Like I said  in a prior post I usually don't share my drawings because I am  too embarrassed! But here they are!
Again, thanks to Rebecca from  for hosting this meme.I have enjoyed all the wonderful shares .I have awesome ,creative new bloggers to follow.Thank you all!

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