Virgin aday:A Prayer to Guadalupe

I've missed 2 days of posting for the "Virgin a Day" meme hosted by the wonderful Rebecca . I have been feeling quite under the weather this week.Last night I started feeling worse and now I  guess have a full blown virus. =( Since I've  still had to  go to work through all this, I've been keeping hydrated & medicated. I didn't want to miss today's post so I'm keeping it simple.
A Prayer To Guadalupe:
We greet thee and adore thee,
Oh Guadalupe
Heavenly Rose,
Mystical Rose,
of Tepeyac Hill.
May thy fragrance bless our souls,
so sweet is thy savor,
Most Beauteous Rose.
Thine , too , is the power .
Give it to us women , who are thy daughters.
Blessed art Though through all eternity.

Taken from my book:
"Magic From Mexico" by Mary Devine ,PH.D.
Have a blessed night!

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