Virgin a Day :Folk art collage

Today is my second post on :"Virgin a Day " in honor  of Our lady of Guadalupe. I was browsing around the web and found all sorts of folk art with Guadalupe as the theme.I decided to  make a photo collage of my findings. People are so creative!I am feeling inspired!As a matter of fact I have a pencil drawing I made of La Virgencita.Maybe I'll work up the courage to post it! I'm shy about some of my so called art!lol
I am so enjoying this meme and all the awesome posts thanks to Rebecca  and all the participants
Til tomorrow!.
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  1. Hi Carly. Nice to meet you. I know the feeling of being fearful of sharing one's art. It is so personal. At one time, the fear totally crippled me. But once I broke the ice, things started changing. And really. How can you go wrong? You will be choosing to share a picture of Holy Mother. If it is possible for her to love you even more, she will.

  2. Cute collage. Thanks for this.

    All the best, Boonie

  3. I think you should step out and share your art. And yes, there is an amazing amount of religious folk art to be found. I love seeing different interpretations of the same theme-it is awe inspiring.

  4. lovely collage carly! i am right beside annie in encouraging you to share your art work.
    so glad you are on this journey with us.
    it is exciting wondering what the new day will bring.
    may it always include peace.

  5. I love this. How wonderful to find that all of this beautiful folk art exists around the virgin. Keep doing what you are doing. It is fantastic. Lovely blog!

  6. Thank you all!I will post my drawing this week sometime!


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