One Shot Wednesday :My "Shadorma"

This is my first time participating in One shot Wednesday hosted by Claudia. I am as shy with my poetry as I am with my art...but I thought,why not?I'm giving it a shot! This is a "Shadorma".A shadorma poem is just a six-line stanza that is ruled by syllables.
line 1: 3 syllables
line 2: 5 syllables
line 3: 3 syllables
line 4: 3 syllables
line 5: 7 syllables
line 6: 5 syllables
Here we goooo!

 "Please hear me

There’s so much to say

Shut me out

Turn away

Your eyes close my voice rises

now only silence"

This speaks a lot about my feelings tonight...
Thank you for stopping by!

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