One World One Heart event! Let's join!

Take a magic carpet ride with me!

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A few evenings ago I was visiting the blogs I follow and I came upon this  logo:

I  clicked on it and was immediately  transported over to a whimsical bohemian's blog. She is hosting "One world One heart" ..
Lisa Swifka created this event in 2007 and it was such a success she does it annually now!
How great is that??? Last time I checked there are over 1,000 participants! A bunch of creative,artistic , awesome bloggers participating! A bunch of friends to be made and ideas to share! That's the idea behind this event.Uniting people from all over the world! The give aways are just a little bonus!
 I am so excited to be a part of this!
To learn more about the " ONE WORLD ONE HEART" event , just click on the logo.
You will find all  the details about OWOH there.

I will be giving away these colorful celestial wall hangings :

I am also going to put together a goody bag which will be filled with note cards, stickers, a journal & more! Last but not least I am making something by hand.That will be a surprise!
To be elegible to win please leave me a comment here with a  link back to you. Your blog address if you have one and /or your email address so I can contact you if you are the winner of my give away.
I will be emailing the winner as  well as posting it here on my blog by the 16th of February!
C'mon!Join in on the fun!tell you friends!It will be magical!

Thanks to everyone who has participated in my giveaway!I have been delighted with all the comments.I want to make a clarification though...Although my giveaway does include a surprise hand made item by me,I did not make the wall hangings! I have altered them a bit as of now,but I can't take credit for painting them!=)
I will be using a number generator and  announcing the winners on February 16th by midnight!
Thanks again!

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