Musical Monday::Live Like We're Dying!::

Cherish every one that you love,every moment.Never take anything for granted.Live intensely.Laugh loud,play a lot,love deeply....LIVE!

I LOVE this song! I love Musical Monday , hosted by Diane over at ~Go check her out! Join in on the fun!
Have a wonderful joy filled week and remember to LIVE like you were dying!!!


  1. MAN, I LOVE THIS SONG! The lyrics are so true. "Every second counts on a clock that's tickin'. We only 86 400 seconds in a day to turn it all around or throw it all away. We gotta tell em that we love em while we got the chance to say. Gotta live like we're dying."

    Life is so short and we need to live every moment like it's our last. No regrets.

    Awesome MM pick! :-)

  2. looks like i'll be adding a lot of favorites on youtube - you guys are posting the best songs today! i love this one!!


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