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Jewelry Making

I've been making more jewelry lately.
I would very much like to start selling it.
I often make things and give them away to friends.
However,  I have been advised to start selling them.
I've never taken any classes. What I make I learn through books and YouTube tutorials.
I love that you can use the Internet and books to teach yourself. That's not saying that I  wouldn't enjoy taking  a few classes.
I feel that even though I've been doing making things for years, I still need a bit more practice so that what I put out there to sell is of good quality.
Last night I took out my ring mandrel and made a couple of wire wrapped rings.
I had not made any rings in a couple of years, so I am rusty.
I think I  will just keep these for myself.
I will post a few more things I've made recently.

This is a beaded dragonfly. I'm not sure exactly how I will use it yet. I'd like to make bracelets and earrings using  these type of beads. It is very time consuming but abso…

Hello Again!

It's been such a long time since I've posted!
I have missed doing so and here I  am.
I suppose I  stopped because it seemed like I had nothing of interest to share.
But I have been thinking I want to do it for me & perhaps for my family to look back on.
In any case I will post about what I do at my job. What I do with my family.
The crafts I work on , my thoughts etc...
The thing is to get back into it !
If I meet friends along the way, great!