Jewelry Making

I've been making more jewelry lately.
I would very much like to start selling it.
I often make things and give them away to friends.
However,  I have been advised to start selling them.
I've never taken any classes. What I make I learn through books and YouTube tutorials.
I love that you can use the Internet and books to teach yourself. That's not saying that I  wouldn't enjoy taking  a few classes.
I feel that even though I've been doing making things for years, I still need a bit more practice so that what I put out there to sell is of good quality.
Last night I took out my ring mandrel and made a couple of wire wrapped rings.
I had not made any rings in a couple of years, so I am rusty.
I think I  will just keep these for myself.
I will post a few more things I've made recently.

This is a beaded dragonfly.
I'm not sure exactly how I will use it yet.
I'd like to make bracelets and earrings using  these type of beads.
It is very time consuming but absolutely worth it.
We'll see what this week brings. 
It's going to be a very busy, stressful week at work.
Summer camp is over on Thursday and by Friday morning we have to be packed and ready to move back to our location in Ossining. 
Then it will be time to set up my classroom for the new school year! In only a few days time, it's a lot to do!
Oh well, one day at a time .
Have a great week everyone!


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