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I've been walking around with my camera,shooting pictures of things that catch my eye.
I love photography but need to get a much better camera and take a few classes.But for now I'm enjoying the proccess. "If we could see the miracle of a single flower, our whole life would change" ~Buddha

Raggedy Anne

Today I went in to T.J. Maxx with my Mom & daughters,
supposedly just to browse around....Ha! That place is full of treasures waiting to be discovered.
At least I think you can find some really cool stuff there. I always do! As we were checking out the kids section I walked into a display of a bunch of Raggedy Anne dolls.Now,I love rag dolls and I especially love Raggedy Anne!She's been my favorite since I was a child.I suppose I'm still a kid at heart because I fell in love with this one doll. I knew I had to take her home with me! My Mom was quite amused at the fact that I was so tickled by this doll. So she bought it for me!
So yep ,she's right here next to me in the company of my old Raggedy Anne doll.There is such a sweetness about them! Of course I just had to take some pictures of her so I could post them. they are so cute!
Well I'm off to check out a few blogs and then off to sleep...after all it is already saturday and I need to be at work by 9:00.getting a few h…

Dotee finally finished!

It took me all night but I finally put the finishing touches on this dotee. She's for a "Celestial Themed Dotee" swap via swap-bot.I hope my partner will like it.I worked very hard on it as I do with everything I make. So I may not be the best artist but I definitely have love for creating things. I actually think she's cute. We'll just have to see what rating I receive. I was finally able to mail it today...late of course. I hate that~but that's how it is.i ususally do things at the last minute~seems like i function better under pressure???Then I feel stressed.Weird no?But normal for me. I have several other swaps to work on and i best get started as soon as possible.I joined a "journal prompts" swap and that one I better start cracking on. Let me go check out more blogs.I need inspiration!

My first post

I've been reading and delighting in all kinds of blogs lately.It has inspired me to start a blog of my own...although I'm a bit nervous because #1 I'm not a great writer and #2 I don't know if I have much to post on any one subject.I have never been able to stick to just one thing. I have so many interests and things I want to learn to do.So I do a little bit of everything,a little bit at a time so I have many works in progress.
Today I am making a dotee doll for a swap and I MUST finish her ASAP.I will post a photo of the completed doll.