A few ATC's made for swap-bot

I'm back!Wow!Three days (almost ) in a row !That's good!Some days I have it in my head just how much I'd like to blog and then I get busy and put it off until it's too late or I've lost the inspiration.I am the world's biggest procrastinator!
But I did say I would post a few more cards and even though I just want to go to bed and pull my blankies over my head .Well a promise is a promise  and I keep my promises, even if nobody truly reads my blog LOL. I figure it'll be here forever if my kids ever want something to giggle at when I'm no longer around.(Ooops.I do sometimes have  morbid thoughts!)lol!
On to the  the cards :
I love making and swapping all kinds of cards.I started out with ATC's and even though I've gotten into skinnies and postcards I will always swap ATC's!
This is a Love  quotes themed ATC I made using the lyrics Of "Perhaps Love "By John Denver,my partners favorite song

I used micro beads on these.They looked very pretty!Again ,my camera sucks so the photos don't always come out well.

OWL ATC for swap-bot swap
I will have to continue posting these tomorrow!Very tired right now .It's 1:05 a.m. already!
Must work tomorrow!Night everyone out in blog land!

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