Needle punch and a yummy grape smoothie

I learned a new craft today!Punch Needle Embroidery.I actually picked this up to teach Kylie. It's fun and pretty easy.She still has to get the hang of it but I think she'll like it!
I'll post the finished project as soon as we get it done!

Recently I signed up for Frederic Patenaudes mentor program and as a bonus I received a bunch of cool smoothie recipe cards in the mail.I made this one today and let me just say was yummy~licious!
Kylie liked it!
It's made from green seedless grapes and I added a bit of spring water and 2 ice cubes.That's all!
I love that Kylie is trying all these great smoothies!
Better than any processed juice out there!
that's all for now!Til tomorrow!

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