Walking on Sunshine with "Ramona & Beezus" this Musical Monday!

It was a busy weekend...but not  spent at home! I let the house work go and decided to relax this weekend!On Saturday we bowled as you can tell from my previous post.Sunday was movie day !
We went to see "Ramona & Beezus"
What a sweet movie!We enjoyed it so much.It made me laugh,it made me cry...it made me feel HOPE.
I love the soundtrack!
This  has always been a feel good song for me:

This one is part of the soundtrack as well

Lots of good music  in the movie!
This is a preview of Selena's new song which is also part of the soundtrack:

Loved the movie.The girls worked wonderfully together! Kylie is crazy about Selena Gomez and to be honest ,I like her a lot as well!Good luck to both talented young acresses!
This is Musical Monday brought to you by Amanda @ http://www.blogginwithamanda.com/
Join in on this meme and share with us...what is MOVING you this week!
Happy Monday!

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