Musical Monday *HEART BREAKER*

I'm not a great writer and that is why I tend to keep my posts fairly short.However today,with this meme I want to take the opportunity to express the way I feel about the issue of homelessness. There are lots of social issues that concern me, this one in particular really gets to me.

I have walked the streets of New York and Los Angeles and have witnessed the devastation of being homeless.It boggles my mind ! I have seen people on the streets sleeping on boxes,covered in plastic bags in freezing temperatures.This on 5th Ave. in Manhattan! We're living in America.The most powerful country in the world and yet we have people living existing on our streets! What's going on?
We mindlessly waste food on a daily basis, meanwhile hundreds go hungry day in and day out.We complain about all the things we don't have. But a lot of times we have much more than we even need. People need shelter,food,air, water,love...Those are our basic needs. ..many people don't have these basic needs met.

Did you know that the fastest growing group of homeless is families? Yes! One third of the homeless population is made up of women and children. The amount of elderly becoming homeless is growing!

How does this happen? Poverty is on the rise.Housing is not affordable,people are losing jobs ,wages are low. Think about it....right now you're sitting in front of this computer,but who knows about tomorrow?
I often think about these things and I want to help. We can donate food ,clothing,time or money to a local shelter. I am going to be organizing a food and winter clothing/coat drive to donate to my local shelter.
It's a small way I can help to make a difference. Think about ways you can help.Contact your local shelter today! No one should be deprived of a safe place to live or food to sustain them!
Thus, my song for Musical Monday. By Phil Collins.Another Day in Paradise:
 This song  moves me to tears!

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