Ruby Tuesday!

 Here are my Ruby Tuesday shots.
I made a "collage" using picasa.
I don't the quality is great,but I'm sharing them anyhow.
You can click on them to enlarge and see a sharper image.These were taken this past weekend at our town Riverfront.We do like spending time there!
The first photo is a sign announcing the superb Farmers market that we have here every Saturday starting in the Summer through December.The next is just some pretty red flowers tha caught my eye.Kylie with her Dr.Pepper,just for that day,'cause soda isn't good for you right?The wreath was put in the park on 9/11,I just had to get a shot of that .Kylie enjoys her rides on the red choo-choo~it will take you anywhere your imagination can dream of! So easy just imagine!
The last photo: Old Glory.So pretty against the blue of the sky!

It's Autumn! My favorite season!We will be seeing all shades of red,gold and orange!Can't wait to capture those!
autumn Pictures, Images and Photos
(^^Not taken by me! ^^)
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