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Samhain is the Celtic fire festival from which Halloween derives. Marking the passing of summer into winter, a time of death and then rebirth, it is traditionally a time of reflection, honoring the dead, and looking ahead to the coming year, both in terms of personal change and goals, and in terms of the Earth’s future.At Samhain, ghosts and spirits pass over into the physical world. But while traditions such as fires and carved pumpkins are designed to keep away the evil spirits, other souls of the dead are welcomed and honored.

The Celts believed that the veil between worlds was thin at this time, particularly in the midnight hour between Samhain Eve and Samhain. As spirits of the Otherworld pass into that of the living, so began the perfect time to connect with the souls of deceased loved ones and ancestors of long ago.
Today, those celebrating Samhain will honor the ancestors through ritual, meditation, spells, altars and shrines. It is a wonderful way of remembering loved ones who have passed over on an annual basis, giving meaning to their lives.
Working with Samhain Goddesses and Samhain Gods

As with most pagan festivals, Samhain is also a time for connecting with the goddesses and gods of choice, to work towards goals and focus intent.
The gods and goddesses of Samhain are generally those of death, rebirth and darkness, but this does not mean that they should be feared. Death is part of life; it forms part of the great cycle and without it, there could not be rebirth. Death symbolizes change, allowing the birth of something new.

Work with Samhain deities to bring about life changes, connect with the cycle of life, focus intent on new goals, honor the changing seasons, and remain connected with nature – something that is often hard to do in the bitter cold of winter.

Samhain Brings Balance and Healing

Whether working with underworld deities or connecting with ancestral souls, the spirits that come forth at Samhain have much to teach and share. Their wisdom and experience can help with the transition from one year to the next, healing past ills and focusing intent on the changes required for the future.
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