A Strong Woman...thoughts about my mother

I really like this.The words are so true. I believe there is a lot of strength in women ,a lot of resilience.
I think back to what my mother had to endure.How she had to  do back breaking work for long hours to support her children.That took courage and faith.Lots of faith. I remember the hardships she went through,the endless struggles,dissapointments,worries.The lonliness and bitter tears she cried when we had to be in another country,away from her,so she could work and support us.I know of her disillusion with love.Love that mostly hurt.Twice she gave her heart,her love ,her soul only to be abandoned or cheated on and used.She told me it was worht it,just to have us.We were her joy.Her reason for going on!My but that woman had inner strength! She never  gave up,orrelied on anyone but herself to take care of us.I am deeply grateful to her.She is my mother.Her role was that of a mother and father to us,because those fathers were not around.Never did they wipe a tear,sit by hospital beds,give love or support (in any way,ever!),worry about feeding us or give a damn regarding our well being .She did it all,without a single complaint.She gave us everything she could and more.Her love,her hugs,her time,her comfort when we felt sad.I still look for comfort in my mother's embrace.I feel safe there,just like  did as a child. I know that if I had to pick a mother all over again,I'd pick her a hundred times over.Yes,we have had our trials and tribulations.Strong disagreements and arguments.But that does't change the love that has always been there.! I have learned so much from this strong beautiful woman!My wish is that she is happy.She deserves to be happy.I don't want anymore of her precious tears shed, or worries in her head.
It's my turn to be there for herI hope to always stay close to her...
This makes me think of her and all the  strong beautiful women out here trying to make the best of life!
Beauty of an Woman Pictures, Images and Photos

My Beautiful mother,Ruth and I


  1. i really felt this in my heart reading it. i hope my kids love me like this when they get older. right now all they seem to want from me is money lol.

  2. That was beautiful, your mom sounds like a wonderful lady! Hope you have a great monday!

  3. Wonderful post! Full of warmth. Have a great week :).

  4. What a powerful song and great post for your Mom. Happy Monday...

  5. Thank you all for the sweet comments.I am blessed with a wonderful mother.
    Happy Monday!


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