What are you reading on Mondays?

Found this meme last night and couldn't get to post for it till now.
I got lucky this weekend for my birthday.My husband bought me two books and I bought two books for myself! Ican't help it! I LOVE my books.
I posted on Friday about my need to lose wait and the fact that I saw a woman ExtraTV, that lost
300 lbs  using Tosca Reno's Eat Clean books  .
So I bought these two books:

I've read other books with similar principles,but I decided to try this for inspiration .The books are easy to  understand and the recipes are awesome.
Check out Tosca reno's website to learn more about clean eating here.
Then while I was browsing through the craft books I spotted these two:

I want to blog more this year but I need  a little direction,inspiration and a few tricks and tips.This book ought to do it!

The Happy Book!Yay!
It's full of promptsand activities that help you get in touch with what makes you happy. I love books like this.
I'll  be reading all those this week plus I need to finish reading this;

I'm almost at the end.The movie comes out on Friday and I would  like to see itbut want tofinish this first.
That'swhat I'm reading this week.How about you?What's on your reading list??

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