Musical Monday ~All Dogs Go To Heaven,"I Will Always Be With You"

I started out my new year with a broken heart.One of my dogs,my favorite in fact ,stumbled down a flight of stairs and broke his little neck. =( I cried and cried the first two days of the year. His name was Scooby and I had him for two years.The family that owned him before had him for 9 years and were eager to give him up.I never quite understood that...He was supposed to go to a shelter,but my daughter Ashley begged me to let Scooby come live with us.The minute I laid eyes on him I fell in love. For two years that little guy was my shadow!Each day when I came home from work he and my other dogs greeted me with joy.He pranced and danced around for me and put his little paws on my legs so that I would pick him up.I carried him around like a baby=) and pampered him!I miss him so much!
We gave each other two great years and he will always be in my heart. I know he's on the other side,with my other pets that have gone before him. Someday we'll be reunited.
R.I.P Scooby.I know you will always ,always be with me!

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