Friday Funnies:About Weight Loss

But's no joking matter.I need to stay on my food plan and get not only my weight under control,but my blood glucose as well.I know the consequences of obesity.I don't want to have a heart attack or stroke.
I saw a segment of ExtraTV tonight,which I don't normally  watch.There was a woman on the show that lost 300 lbs. using the book "Eat Clean" by Tosca Reno.
Now ,I've been thinking about getting lap band.But I'd really like to try losing the weight without going through all that.I know it can be done.The problem is  want immediate results,and that is unrealistic.I've read tons of weightloss and nutritional books.I know what I should be doing.I need to do it.Now.
No more games...because truthfully,I feel crappy!
I think I will go check out this "Eat Clean "book.A little inspiration won't hurt!
I know that humour helps make anything a little easier to cope with,that's why I chose Friday Funnies to talk about my weight  loss thoughts.If you're reading this and you want to share a funny ,a  weight loss tip,a thought etc with me ,please leave a comment or feel free to email me at

Keep laughing!It makes life more enjoyable!

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