Saturday 9: Don't Talk to Strangers

1. Tell us about a night that you spent with someone who was a stranger, yet by the end of the night you were very close.
Hmmmmm....I've never spent the night with a total stranger before ,however there was a time I met a homeless gentleman and we had lunch together.I learned a lot about his life and how he came to be in the situation he was in.That experience really humbled me and I will never forget it.On many  occasions I have met people and have had some awesome conversations that brought us a little bit closer.I think each person you meet leaves you with a little part of themselves.
2. When is the last time you rode the bus? I ride it everyday to and from yesterday!

3. Describe the last time you stood up for a cause. I seem to do that a lot.Very often!I stand up for immigrants.I believe this country was built on the tears,blood and sweat of immigrants...and I think people tend to forget,everyone in the USA ,except for the Native Americans,are descendants of immigrants.
I also stand up for equality,religious freedom, animal rights,PEACE...the list goes on.
It makes me feel awesome.I have learned though that sometimes you have to let things go ,you can't change some people's minds and  that everyone is entitled to their opinion,so long as nobody gets hurt.

4. What is something you would like to do, but you're afraid of the risk(s)?
Actually there are so many things!But the real reason I don't do a lot of these things is lack of $$$.I'd love to open up my own business...if only I had the $$$ to get started.

5. What would you most like to accomplish before the year is over? This has been a tough year.Truthfully,I didn't accomplish much this year.=(
I just want to let go of the negativity and start fresh. I plan on tackling all the things I had in mind for 2009.
2010 has to be better!I have to make it happen!

6. Name something you'll miss about 2009.I work in a doctor's office, so I will miss all the patients that have  passed on in 2009.=(  I take it very hard!

7. If you could invent something, what would it be?
A car that could go on it's own,wherever you wanted to go! I could really use that!I am terrified of driving!

8. What first got you started blogging?
I am a fan of "Artful Blogging' magazine  that got me intersted in blogging.I started visiting lots blogs and loving the blogging world...and here I am!I've learned so much from bloggers!I only hope I can be (in time)as creative and interesting with my blog as all these wonderful people are!

9. How did you find this meme? Stumbled upon it as I was blog hopping!
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