Carry on Tuesday :Name In The Sky...

I'm in no way a poet,but I do love poetry. I found this meme and decided to give it a go.
Nothing out of this world but I enjoyed participating!I like this idea from and think I will participate again!If you're reading this and think you would like to participate check that blog out!
This week the prompt is the opening lines of a very short poem
by Jessica Blade entitled "Your Name"

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I wrote your name in the sky
but the wind blew it away!
I started to cry in dismay
then  realized   your name is etched in my heart
the memory of you is there to stay...
It will never fade away!
I painted your name in the night
embellished with the stars that shine
like your eyes
looking into them made everything right...
I wrote your name in the sky
right under a rainbow
it reminded me how you colored my world!
and now I know
as long as I look up at the skies
I will always feel you near ,
it fills me with hope...
 settles my fear
I wrote your name in the sky
Now I know there is no such thing as

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