Seems like I haven't blogged in  forever! But I think it's been about 2 weeks?Maybe less. I am sharing a charger with my daughter until I get a new one because mine died! So if she's using her charger I'm out of luck! I haven't been doing much of anything creatively for the past month or so either.See ms like there just isn't enough time.I really need to make the time though because art is good for the soul ! I know it's therapy for me! I did make a couple of quick cards for swaps over at and here they are: 
The first is a hand made letter "C" themed  postcard  
  The second one is a
letter X themed Skinny card also for a swap-bot swap 

I'll be making a few more cards this week for swaps.
I am thinking of hosting a couple of  skinny/ATC  card swaps myself featuring this lady:
also a Flapper themed card:

I love the roaring twenties and it's fashions! I think these are fun themes!
Til next time!

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