Thought for Thursday : I CAN do this!

There's been a lot on my mind this week...this is one of the biggest:
There are two more days to go for the road to raw cleanse to finish and then the juice fast begins on Sunday.
I am a little apprehensive about joining the juice feast. My biggest  was concern was  being able to do it being a diabetic, so I spoket to Janet ,  one of the NP's at work  & she said it would be ok as long as I closely monitored my blood sugars. I also read about it online. I learned that I have to go heavier on the veggie juices  than on the fruit only juices.
I am still wondering if I'll be able to handle it?I've been in a perpetual state of hunger for the past month and a half.But decided I'm going to do it.I am going to give it a whirl!If it makes me sick and I can't handle it  then I'll have  go to green smoothies heavy on the greens.
I have got to prove to myself that I can do what it takes to get healthier and reach my goal weight. I am determined not to quit!
I have to think a lot on whetehr I am going to stay 100% raw or if I am going to add some cooked foods.I feel very confused. I know the raw diet is very beneficial for me...but I still worry aboout the expense among other things. I will think this whole week while I fast on juice.
I wish I knew other raw fooders personally.the support is great on line but it just seems like nobody close by follows this lifestyle and socially it can be rough.People have a lot of opinions!
 I also have learn to ignore any  negative comments others may make.
I keep repeating this to my self:
"Believe in yourself!you are the only one who can make the changes needed!"
It's uncertain yet whether I'll be able to fast on juice for 7 whole days , but I am going to TRY!


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