Showing gratitude, a thank you card,a skinny ,my kitties and....

When I was a child I was taught to show gratitude when someone did something nice for me or I was given a gift, no matter how small tthe gift or gesture.The important thing is to show your appreciation.

That lesson has stuck with me.I like showing my appreciation,whether it's with a simple call,a big hug or when possible a hand made card.
Last month my very dear friend,Carolina,who is my mother's best friend and is like a second mother to me,bought me a cell phone. I was very much in need of one and I am so grateful to her for adding me to the family plan she has my mother and my daughter on. Now I can be reached at any time if my kids need something or if Caro, my husband or my mother are looking for me....hmmmm pehaps I am too easily reachable ???=)
I am enjoying that phone!
I like that I can  look at my facebook (lol) or update my twitter (I still forget to do that!) while I ride the bus to and from  work. 
The point of this post however was to share about showing gratitude when someone helps out or gives you a gift.I think it's only right to acknowledge those gestures.I believe in doing something nice for that person and showing them lots of love to show them my appreciation!
I made Carolina  this simple little card and she loved it!

Sometimes little things mean so much!
Thank you ,thank you ,thank you again  Caro!

I also want to post a "skinny" I made for a swap in swap-bot. A skinny is like an ATC,which for those of you who don't know is an artist trading card.The skinny is the size of an index card,measuring  3"X5".
This is my first skinny of many more to come as I really enjoyed working on a larger surface.
It was a cat themed skinny:

I enjoy drawing among other mediums so I decided to draw this cute yellow kitty in honor of my cat Carmello -Yellow.

Carmello is one of our 3 cats.
So while I'm at it, meet Junior:

and last but not least,Simba:

Surrounded by kitties...what is one to do?
be one for Halloween!

How do you show gratitude?

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