Musical Monday Different People

No doubt is one of my favorite bands. I like every single song on Tragic Kingdom.

Different People is one of my favorites on that album. I believe in embracing diversity.
This world would be so bland if we weren’t all different.
How awesome would it be if we could accept our differences and learn from one another? If instead of being fearful of the things that are unknown to us we take the time to find out what that culture, religion or belief is all about? Like this song says, there are so many different people with so many different minds,and so many different blows my mind just how much there is to learn about in this world about other people and places!It's amazing to me!
Listen to these lyrics,I agree with this part:
"Once in a while I sit back
and think about the planet
Most of the time I trip on it
To kick back and think about
How massive it all is
And how many others are one it"!
Yep!Just imagine that!

Musical Monday hosted by Diane here check it out and join in the musical fun!

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