Virgin A Day #8

Watch "Ave Maria ( Caccini ) - Libera" on YouTube

This past Monday as I walked up a hill to my job, I listened to Pandora internet radio as I usually do.
I was pleasantly surprised when the song Ave Maria by the boy's choir Libera started playing.I had never before heard it on this station. I thought it was a coincidence that it came on at a time when my head is full of Mary images from all the wonderful blogs I've visited in the past few days.
I  stopped and sat to savor the delightful music and enjoyed the sunny morning.Visions of Mary danced in my head.For those five minutes I felt totally peaceful.
It's moments like that,  beautiful in their simplicity, that I cherish.

Visit Rebecca's blog
Her posts are always uplifting and a feast for the eyes.There you will find links to other blogs, equally as inspiring .Perhaps you'll decide to join in and post A Virgin A Day today and every day until December 12th!

Have a joyous day!

P.S. I apologize if the latest posts look a bit screwy!My laptop broke and I am posting from my phone! :-/

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