Boy have I neglected this blog! Things were chaotic for a little while since we had to move.
I packed up most of my supplies and have not yet found the time to unpack them.I am going a bit crazy not being able to create. I have my crochet and my journals out, so that helps.

This apartment has 4 bedrooms and we decided to make one our "computer/ art/play room".
It's not a very big room, but we'll have to make it work. At the moment it's still full of packed boxes.Truthfully I have lots of stuff I need to get rid of still. That's hard for a pack rat like myself to do, but I don't want to be surrounded by clutter anymore.if I don't have a space for it it has to go.

A couple of nights ago,I was working on a journal page inspired by the book "Journal Bliss" by Violette . I was drawing a little monster which represents my inner critic, the inner voice that tells me my art isn't good enough or that I have no talent. Well, Kylie was watching and decided she wanted to make a little monster of her own. It turned out awesome. At first she pouted because she said mine was better than hers.I disagreed.Wholeheartedly. There is no doubt , hers is awesome!I'm always in awe of her drawings,she creates from her heart and from her imagination the way only a child can. I'm making a journal of her drawings and paintings.My little girl is and will continue to be my number one inspiration!

Can't wait to get that room put together so we can continue doing art together!

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