I'm back...

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It's almost February!I can't believe I have not posted in January.I did try once but blogger was not working that night...then I just didn't feel like posting or couldn't find the time.But I have missed my blog!Yes indeed!So...
I'm Back!!
This new year I did NOT make resolutions.
Usually I do.I make a list.At first I am all gun-ho about them and eventually I forget about them.I lack consistency.I procrastinate.So no real resolutions were made.I did make a decision however.I decided that I need to make changes. Little by little.One by one. First change: Deal with my procrastination issue.Oh yeah.That's a BIGGIE!
Just that one thing will make such a difference in my life!
So I will work on it and hopefully other things will start felling into place.
Then I will work on letting go of
That  is going to take a lot of effort and soul searching .
But it's worth making that effort. That will change so many things as well.
So I've made decisions.That is different than resolutions...isn't it? I mean I am going to take one thing at a time ,one day at a time.

I  will the the best I can do.Everyday. I will tackle one issue at a time.
I have been doing a lot of thinking lately.Looking deep inside myself,delving into my feelings and thoughts.I've discovered a lot.I need to learn more.A little everyday.
Blogging,journaling,creating will help me on that road of self discovery.I know that it's important to accept ,love & nurture myself  so as to enable me to do that for others.Gotta stop beating myself up.I'm worth giving a chance to!
So here I am.Hopefully here I'll be.More consistently.

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